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Motorcycle Accidents in Barboursville, WV

Bailey Legal Services Represents Motorcycle Accident Victims

Handle motorcycle accidents in Barboursville, WV, at Bailey Legal Services, PLLC. Our personal injury lawyers will work hard to protect your rights as a motorcycle operator. We know the law and its restrictions and will provide the right advice and assistance. Doing so allows you to recover damages from an auto accident in Barboursville, WV. Call Bailey Legal Services at (304) 736-0801 for a consultation.

Motorcycle Accidents Bring Serious Injury in Barboursville, WV

The open road and a motorcycle can go very well together until there is an accident in Barboursville, WV. That is when the danger of having less protection can result in serious damage, maybe resulting in death. In West Virginia, the leading causes of motorcycle accidents are:

Head-on Collision

This can be the most devastating and deadly type of accident for a biker. Unfortunately, head-on crashes are extremely common—even more than rear-end impacts.

Lane Splitting

The enviable practice of driving between the running lanes of cars and trucks in heavy traffic can sometimes cause accidents. There is very little space to maneuver. Add to that the possibility that the other driver may not see you coming. Lane splitting is not a legal way to travel safely. If you are involved in an accident, contact our experienced attorneys to assist you.

Cars Making a Left Turn

This can be a very dangerous circumstance for a biker. When a car makes a left turn, the driver may not see that a motorcyclist wishes to travel straight. The driver turning left is most commonly at fault. However, the motorcyclist may be partially at fault if they were traveling at an unsafe speed or has another impairment.

What Compensation Might You Expect After an Accident?

The ability to recover losses from a motorcycle accident is the same as other motor vehicles. This scenario relates to fault and negligence.

Proving Driver Negligence

The same burden of proof remains for motorcycle accidents as in car crashes. There must be enough evidence to show that the other driver demonstrated full or partial negligence. Evidence must also prove that the negligence negligence contributed to the accident.

Obeying Helmet Law

West Virginia’s helmet safety law says motorcycle operators are to wear a protective helmet strapped on at all times. The helmet must meet safety standards for impact resistance and shatter-resistant eye protection.

If you believe the other operator is at least partially responsible for the accident, give us a call. We will work to review your case and seek to compensate you for your damages.

Contact Bailey Legal Services in Barboursville, WV, to handle motorcycle accidents.