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Handle Divorce Matters with an Experienced Family Law Attorney

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Are You Going Through a Divorce? Here Are Some Things to Consider

No matter how long you have been married, or how trying the times have been, a divorce can take a great toll on your life. Navigating expenses, new living arrangements, child custody, and living a new normal can add stress and grief, causing even more problems.

If you and your spouse have decided to file for divorce, it’s crucial to find the right family law attorney to represent and support you during this time. Even the most amicable of relationships can take a turn during a divorce, especially when involving children and finances. When going through a divorce, couples must consider the following to ensure that they cover all bases. Allow the experienced family law attorney of Bailey Legal Services, PLLC, to help you handle your divorce matter and work to find the best outcome for you.


Do I Really Need an Attorney for My Divorce?

You’re already struggling to grasp the life changes that come with a divorce, and now you hear that your spouse is ready to fight with an attorney. Do you really need to worry about having an attorney during the process?

If your spouse already has an attorney or is looking for one, then your best bet is to also hire one. While some couples can navigate a divorce complete outside of court, an attorney will ensure that you achieve the fairest outcome. Those with children, complicated finances, large amounts of property, or those fearing abuse or retaliation should seek the help of a family law attorney as soon as possible.


Understanding Alimony Payments and Why They Are Necessary

Spousal support, also known as alimony, is a common payment that divorced couples must make in order to support their ex-spouse. There are different factors that can play into whether or not you can receive alimony or how much, including age, how long you were married, income, and any wrongdoing in the relationship. There is no set amount for spousal support, and it will vary from case to case – meaning that what your friend receives monthly will most likely not be what you end up with.

Discussing the possibility of spousal support with your attorney will help you to better understand how to receive it or what to do when you must pay in. In order to request spousal support, you must do so when filing for divorce. Those looking to file for divorce and want to learn more about the spousal support process can trust attorney Bailey in Barboursville, WV.

Please be aware that alimony payments are only possible for those who were married. Domestic partnerships and unmarried couples with children cannot receive any form of spousal support payment.


The Right Family Law Attorney Can Help You Understand Child Custody

Another stressful factor of divorce is child custody. When emotions are running high, it can be hard to see why your spouse should get more or less time with the children depending on the situation.

There are many seemingly mundane factors and events that couples going through a divorce may overlook when planning a child custody schedule. Things to consider can include:

Work and travel schedules. When there are two parents at home, you may not pay much mind to late work schedules or required travel. When splitting up the weeks or weekends ahead, be sure to mention any dates where additional child care is necessary.

Changing school districts. Depending on the age of your children, they may have to change school districts if the parent they live with moves. Keep this transition in mind when deciding on a custody schedule, as your children are also going through a stressful time.

Doctor’s appointments and expenses. While this also falls in line with child support, parents must decide who will be an emergency contact for their child when it comes to doctor’s appointments, scheduled and spontaneous.

Holidays. Holidays, birthdays, and other family-centered days and events will be different. Discuss a proper schedule with your spouse and consider how your children will feel for the first few holidays or special events. Will you celebrate together or apart? You know your children better than anyone, so be sure to make the right decisions for them as well.

While there are many, many other factors that play into child custody schedules, it is best to consult with your attorney. There may be other issues, such as long-distance, abuse, or other problems that make planning child custody impossible. Attorney Bailey can support you during this time, along with providing expert advice when considering your options.


Find Fair Child Support Payments with Attorney Bailey

According to the West Virginia Code 48-13-201, “a child support order is determined by dividing the total child support obligation between the parents in proportion to their income. Both parents’ adjusted gross income is used to determine the amount of child support.” This obligation can include doctors’ visits, schooling costs, additional healthcare costs, child care expenses, and any other costs that the child needs. Payment amount can vary for the number of children, any special needs, and other factors that vary case by case. Whether you are struggling to receive child support, or do not find the amount you pay fair, attorney Michael Bailey can help. Contact Bailey Legal Services, PLLC, in Barboursville, WV, to learn more about your options and how to begin fighting for fair child support.


Divorce Matters: The Bottom Line

As you can see, there can be many factors involved in just about every divorce matter. When a married couple decides to divorce, there can be legal obligations and ramifications to consider. For divorce matters that include significant property or estate plans, your attorney may inquire as to whether you drafted a prenuptial agreement. Even without such forethought, the mindful distribution of marital assets will most likely require the expertise of a skilled family law attorney. This will ensure the protection of the best interests of all parties concerned.


For more information on finding a divorce attorney in Barboursville, WV, call Bailey Legal Services, PLLC, at (304) 736-0801. For any future updates, follow us on Facebook and check out our site.