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Criminal Defense – Drug Crimes and DUI

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Caught with Drugs or DUI? Find a Reputable Criminal Defense Attorney

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Facing Drug Charges? You Need an Experienced Attorney to Help You

Getting caught with any drug on your person can land you with large fines and possible jail time. Even the smallest amount can invite legal trouble that destroys your reputation. If the officer pulls you over, searches your vehicle and finds drugs, it is crucial to be compliant and not give them further reason to charge you with anything else.

It is important to manage your defense in drug crime situations properly. Remember that you have the right to remain silent and wait to discuss anything related to the charge with your lawyer. This can be important to effective criminal defense in general, and drug crimes particularly.

Drugs that can lead to a criminal charge include:

  • Marijuana
  • LSD
  • Ecstasy
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Prescription Drugs


If you are facing drug charges in Barboursville, WV, or the surrounding areas, attorney Michael S. Bailey is here to help. As an experienced, reputable criminal defense attorney, you can trust him to put you first and protect your rights.


How to Handle a Drug Charge – Calm is Key

When facing drug-related criminal charges, it is important to stay calm. While this may be easier said than done, you may give further incriminating information during a fight or struggle with police. The more you comply with rules, requests, and police guidelines, the easier the situation will become.

Staying calm is exceptionally important if you are innocent. You could be the victim of an unfounded search, and it is easy to make yourself seem suspect. While you can reject a search, you must keep in mind that you are innocent and law enforcement can use anything you say against you. Know that keeping a level head can help you more overall.

According to the Division of Justice and Community Services, the number of drug offenders admitted into WV state prisons every year has increased by more than 300 percent in the last two decades.


The Right DUI Attorney will Protect Your Rights

DUI charges are another way to receive excessive fines, possible jail time and a revoked license, especially if you have more than one offence. With the right DUI attorney, the situation can have a complete turnaround on the impact DUI charges may have on your rights.

You may not be aware that you were stuck in an illegal traffic stop, or that there was an improper use of a field sobriety test. Choosing an experienced criminal defense attorney like Michael Bailey can bring these factors to light, giving your freedom the chance for a better outcome.


Avoid DUI by Driving Soberly

As we’ve mentioned, a DUI or DWI can ruin your life. The National Highway Traffic Administration is a great resource to use when you need help distinguishing between buzzed driving or sober driving. Keep in mind the following tips when planning your next night out:

  • Set a designated driver. If you are the designated driver, do not drink!
  • Give someone else your keys if you plan to drink.
  • Use a rideshare service to go home after drinking too much.
  • Do not trust someone else who has been drinking to drive you home.
  • If you see someone drunk driving, call the police right away.


There can be many more consequences than a possible DUI if you are drinking and driving. While your attorney is ready to help, it is best to avoid a possible criminal defense situation like this altogether by driving soberly.


What to Do If You Face a Drug Charge or DUI

Any kind of criminal charge is scary and stressful. There is a good chance it can bring out the worst in yourself and those around you. When going through criminal defense proceedings, here are a few things to keep in mind, regardless of the crime:

  • Do not talk to anyone about the case. Information can easily spread and can end up working against you.
  • Call your lawyer right away. Michael S. Bailey is a strong criminal defense attorney in the Barboursville, WV, area who is here to listen and to help.
  • Remember that you have rights!


If you face a drug or DUI charge in WV, trust attorney Michael S. Bailey to protect your rights and fight for the best outcome possible. Do not go it alone when it comes to your criminal defense – call our firm today.


For more information on criminal defense for drugs, DUI, or other crimes, call Bailey Legal Services, PLLC, at (304) 736-0801. For any future updates, follow us on Facebook and check out our site.